Hi I’m Tania, the owner of Love thy Dog NZ, and I’m passionate about sharing what I have learned on my journey with my reactive dog Tia.


The ‘hard dogs’ are the ones with the most to teach us. I realised that, with most aggression cases, they're actually struggling to cope rather than trying to give us a hard time.  And I began to see their world through a different lens. And I needed to learn more.

We always do our best as owners but when we know better, we can do better with that knowledge.

My own, dog reactive / human fear aggressive dog, Tia, inspired me to become a better owner. I needed to understand how I could help her and improve her quality of life.  She was struggling to cope, I had made mistakes along the way and I was also struggling to cope.  I made a promise to keep her safe and my life changed forever. 

 I studied hard and gained a certification as a Canine Behaviour Consultant with IAABC .

I left my corporate job and started my Dog Walking business in March 2016 and I now specialise in teaching owners how they can affect change with their dogs behaviour using reward-based methods.


I don't have a magic wand or offer a quick fix, but if you want to learn how to raise your puppies into good dogs; understand how dogs learn; strengthen your bond, or change behaviour, then I can help you with that.